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Time just marches right on, doesn’t it? These days, I feel like I’m clinging on for dear life, finding calm by knitting whenever I can snatch a moment. Winter is here, my first semester back at university is winding up, the … Continue reading

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Corduroy birds

I’m a sucker for corduroy, a sucker for birds and a sucker for pinafores – so it’s only been a matter of time before they all converged in one garment. Elena’s still quite the dress girl, but autumn here has been … Continue reading

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A dress for Elsa

Elena had a dress up day at school a little while ago. I asked her what she’d like to go as and the answer was predictable. Elsa! She wanted to be Elsa. I took a deep breath and a drive … Continue reading

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So, I think I should probably stop now

Elena finally has enough skirts for school! These ones are adapted again from the Boo! Designs simple skirt pattern. I switched out the hem allowance for the binding. I’m a bit in love with this picot binding. And may have bought … Continue reading

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Charlie dress pinafore

My gosh. We’ve had another one of those fortnights. I feel like I’m just hanging on for the ride, at the moment. Elena had a short bout of gastro, my parents visited, I’ve had a very bad gastro experience – … Continue reading

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That day I crossed the line.

Our crazy little polish frizzle chick struggles on. I’m still not sure whether we’ve got a pullet or cockerel on our hands, but Frizzle’s certainly one cute chick. We’ve just hit the two week mark of wry neck. Frizzle’s grown … Continue reading

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Skirts for my girl

Elena’s been insisting on on skirts and dresses for school so far this year. All her skirts from last year are getting a bit short for outside the house so I’ve been working on increasing her wardrobe. This range of fabric’s … Continue reading

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A bit of everything

The last week has had a bit of everything, but not too much Kid’s Clothes Week sewing. You know how it is. I get distracted. I’ve been absorbed in chicken first aid. Our crazy Lucy/Lucas, who I’ve started calling Frizzle, has come … Continue reading

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KCW: It’s that time again…

It’s Kid’s Clothes Week again. Again! I can’t believe how quickly the months are flying by at the moment. There are already some amazing projects over on instagram if you search #kidsclothesweek.  My plans revolve around autumn and winter sewing, … Continue reading

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Mid-week in pictures

A busy week here. A relaxed public holiday making new friends and enjoying wine over lunch for the first time in…(what feels like) forever. Elena starting her preschool program, and enjoying it. Hugo running at a million miles an hour … Continue reading

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