A bit of everything

The last week has had a bit of everything, but not too much Kid’s Clothes Week sewing. You know how it is. I get distracted.

I’ve been absorbed in chicken first aid. Our crazy Lucy/Lucas, who I’ve started calling Frizzle, has come down with a bout of wry neck which can be caused by a vitamin deficiency or head injury (and is apparently quite common in crested breeds). Frizzle is not only a white crested black polish chicken, it has the frizzle gene too. It’s going to look crazy upon crazy when it’s all grown up. Here, I am trying to dry him (has to be a boy after all this effort, right?) off after a tumble into his water dish.

frizzle wry neck

In any case, I’ve been looking after Frizzle and Eileen in the brooder for the last week, keeping up his water intake, supplementing with vitamins and feeding him tuna on the side. It seems to be working. Frizzle’s head’s been upright for much of the day.

And then, of course, Elena got her cast off. We were all relieved but she’s still reticent to walk which is making things stressful. She needs to use her leg to get her muscle tone back but needs lots of coaxing to even hobble around. I’d kind of had my mind set on the cast coming off as the end of this little adventure, but clearly that was a mistake.


And, you know, these two are constantly in cahoots.


I’ve been poking around in the garden, and joining in Ros’ Quilt Block Boot Camp (check it out over at Sew Delicious).

raspberry kiss block pink raspberry kiss block blue

So, you know, not really participating in Kid’s Clothes Week.

nightie charlie tunic dress

Except for this nightie, which you will have been watching come together ever-so-slowly if you follow me on instagram. The pattern is the Made By Rae Charlie Tunic with dress add-on. I’ve sewn it in flannel, size four for extra sleeping and growing room (Elena measures for size 3). I sewed the neck facing as per the pattern (though rounded base of the yoke). I skipped the sleeve and hem facings, and just used coordinating bias binding.

bias binding facings

I haven’t put it on Elena yet. I fear she’ll refuse to take it off and it’s way too warm for our current weather!

  • Pattern: Made By Rae Charlie Tunic & Dress Add-on
  • Size: Size 4
  • Fabric: Flannel (in the stash) and bias from Addicted 2 Fabric. Facing’s a mystery!
  • Variations from pattern: Rounded the base of the neck facing, and finished hem and sleeves with bias binding instead of facings.
  • Also sewn: I sewed the tunic up for this pair of pjs last year.


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3 Responses to A bit of everything

  1. Bron says:

    I think you’re doing an amazing job. I have achieved venturing into the garden and now have to make some jam with my stash of tomatoes. In my spare time of course.

  2. Emgy says:

    I’m always so amazed at just how much you manage to get done! The nightie is adorable. Frizzle…I love his name! You should make a stuffed animal replicating him. It’d be SO CUTE!

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