Skirts for my girl

Elena’s been insisting on on skirts and dresses for school so far this year. All her skirts from last year are getting a bit short for outside the house so I’ve been working on increasing her wardrobe.

contrasting twirly skirts

This range of fabric’s so happy and bright, I just fell in love with it when I found it during Addicted to Fabric’s December sale. For $10 a meter you really can’t go wrong.

skirt hem

Elena measures for a size 2 for this pattern, but I’ve sewn size 3 so they’ll last that bit longer. I’ve used the size 2 elastic measurement. I figure I can always pop new elastic in at a later date if the waist band gets too snug.

twirly skirt

Getting photos of this skirt on was a bit of a debacle. This was as good as it got. There are many attitudinal photos I won’t publish…I’m tempted though! Photos were cut short when Hugo emerged from the house with a punnet of cherry tomatoes – which had been safely in the fridge. We were all over it. I think we might give modelled shots a rest for a while.

This whole blogging thing’s meant to be fun for all of us, and I’m not going to push it for the sake of a good photograph. Doesn’t mean I won’t try to steal incidental pictures, though!

  • Pattern: Boo! Designs twirly skirt.
  • Size: Size 3 for my size 2 little one for room to grow (size 2 elastic measurement).
  • Also sewnhere.


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1 Response to Skirts for my girl

  1. fionamakes says:

    Love those bright colours! And yeah, getting photos aren’t always easy. But for some reason, my kids seem to think it’s automatic that I take pictures of them in their new clothes so they don’t question it anymore. I’m really quick about it though!

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