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Some more dyeing

What’s it like in your neck of the woods? Winter has definitely arrived in Canberra – it’s freezing and good weather for hibernating on the couch with some knitting. I took some annual leave from work this week to get … Continue reading

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Crazy…or ambitious?

We all survived my first week back at work. I don’t think I’ve been so exhausted in a long time. Hugo chose to break his recent habit of sleeping through, which didn’t help, but I think much of my tiredness … Continue reading

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Grommets success

We’ve got the grommets over and done with. Elena coped with the whole thing admirably – the anesthetic process was pretty horrible (for both of us) but she woke up calmly and was just sucking her thumb by the time … Continue reading

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Christmas is fast approaching – I’m not ready yet!

Christmas is really just around the corner, isn’t it? I’ve been completely lax with Christmas preparations this year. To be honest, I think it’s because I’m not ready to be done with 2013 yet – and Christmas is just a … Continue reading

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Sniffles, toilets, life admin and pho

I don’t know what the weather’s been like around your parts, but it’s been a bit crazy in Canberra over the last few weeks. Wet and cold one moment, sunny and warm the next. Rinse and repeat. Lots of people … Continue reading

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It’s probably time to admit I’ve got a problem

Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m an in threes addict. I really love this pattern. I can’t help it – the cardigan’s so great for layering and adding a pop of colour to a baby’s outfit. I never fail … Continue reading

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I’m on Etsy!

I’ve taken a massive leap and decided to open a little shop on Etsy. Eeek! I’ve become quite addicted to dyeing yarn and am smart enough to realise I’m never going to manage to knit my way through the amount … Continue reading

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