Christmas is fast approaching – I’m not ready yet!

Christmas is really just around the corner, isn’t it?

I’ve been completely lax with Christmas preparations this year. To be honest, I think it’s because I’m not ready to be done with 2013 yet – and Christmas is just a bit stressful. I find shopping for Christmas presents fraught with angst and I’m so over the whole consumerist element of it all. For me, Christmas is about spending quiet time with family, not about buying things for people which they may not even appreciate receiving. Gah. Just call me Grinch!

We’re going Christmas tree shopping this weekend – maybe that will jolt me into the Christmas spirit? I’m hoping we’ll be able to find a fresh tree, and then it will be time to dig out our small collection of decorations. Alex and I have never really had a Christmas tree before, but I think it’s time this year. Elena seems quite into the whole affair (and, thanks to child care, has a new appreciation for Santa!).

All my whinging aside, I am really looking forward to the few end-of-year catch ups we’ll be attending (and hosting) over the next few weekends. There is something restorative about relaxed time with friends.

Anyway, I’m still getting over being unwell and have been taking some quiet time to make some more stitch markers. These three sets have made it into my Etsy store.

stitch markersHow are you going? Is your Christmas shopping all wrapped up?

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4 Responses to Christmas is fast approaching – I’m not ready yet!

  1. Bron says:

    Christmas is less stressful here. We’ve done a Secret Santa so we only have to buy one gift for the family members. The kids are different – but I’m just re-giving toys that were given and never used (seem more age appropriate now). I hate shopping so not keen to even attempt hitting the shops. As for Santa – he’s bringing undies in the hope that someone will want to wear them and use the toilet. Fingers crossed. I’ve spent some time experimenting with salt dough though and we’ve been making a few of our own Christmas decorations. If you’ve got the time Elena would love that.

    • Ruth says:

      I’m trying to do all of my shopping online! Good luck with the undies….I might just steal that idea. I’m paranoid about the wheat with the salt dough decorations 😦 I guess I could always try and do gluten-free ones, though. x

  2. Emgy says:

    YOu did a beautiful job on the stitch markers. Hopefully your Christmas turns out exactly how you want it to. =) Merry Christmas!

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