It’s probably time to admit I’ve got a problem

Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m an in threes addict. I really love this pattern. I can’t help it – the cardigan’s so great for layering and adding a pop of colour to a baby’s outfit. I never fail to get a comment when Elena wears her lady bug in threes out and about.

in threesI was itching to do some knitting after my Kid’s Clothes Week sewing, so I cast on a little baby cardigan with some of my soft and squishy, hand painted 100% Australian wool yarn. I wanted something therapeutic, and I wanted to test out how this colourway knitted up. It’s an explosion of colour, and I like it. This cardi is a size 0-6 month size (to suit chest size 14-17″) with sweet little wooden buttons.

detailI don’t have any baby girls to knit for at the moment, so I’ve listed the cardigan for sale on my Etsy store. I hope it finds a loving owner soon!


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18 Responses to It’s probably time to admit I’ve got a problem

  1. Julie says:

    This is just so cute! I really need to get on the knitting band wagon.,.. (I mostly sew).

  2. fee says:

    Can I join your ITA (in threes Anonymous) support group? And can I knit during the meetings?! 😉

  3. fee says:

    Colour is lovely, by the way 🙂

  4. Emgy says:

    Are there Olympics for fast knitting? You are incredibly quick at this! I also love the colors! You seem to have a strong creative knack that I am very jealous of. =)

  5. Tash Walter says:

    Gorgeous!!! You could always knit for my aby girl 😉 haha. Miss you xx

  6. Sutika says:

    It is gorgeous but I am equally excited by your beautiful branded tag!

  7. t.e.d.d.y. says:

    Beautiful! It’s so great, I want to wear it 😀

  8. Bron says:

    I love this cardi and the colours – you are amazing. But like Sutika I am very much in love with your tag!!! Top work Super Ruth.

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