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Time just marches right on, doesn’t it? These days, I feel like I’m clinging on for dear life, finding calm by knitting whenever I can snatch a moment. Winter is here, my first semester back at university is winding up, the … Continue reading

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That day I crossed the line.

Our crazy little polish frizzle chick struggles on. I’m still not sure whether we’ve got a pullet or cockerel on our hands, but Frizzle’s certainly one cute chick. We’ve just hit the two week mark of wry neck. Frizzle’s grown … Continue reading

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A bit of everything

The last week has had a bit of everything, but not too much Kid’s Clothes Week sewing. You know how it is. I get distracted. I’ve been absorbed in chicken first aid. Our crazy Lucy/Lucas, who I’ve started calling Frizzle, has come … Continue reading

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Amelia or Adam?

Alice and Eileen have a mothers’ group going on. I’ve been letting the girls out into the garden whenever there’s no risk of rain and I must say our babies are adorable. Alice is a rather protective mother, always having … Continue reading

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Lucy or Lucas?

Will this chick turn out to be a Lucy or a Lucas? That is the question. This little one is a Silver Spangled Hamburg, being raised by Eileen (a Langshan). It’s four days old today, having hatched on Sunday, 11 … Continue reading

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Chickens, chickens, chickens.

I’ve been on a big chicken-mamma adventure this last month or so, courtesy of two incredibly broody hens. Oh my gosh. Eileen was the first to drink the broody kool-aid, and Alice joined in as soon as she could. The quickest solution … Continue reading

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Learning a thing or two

I’ve been learning a few things about broody hens and day old chicks this week. Eileen has resisted all efforts to snap her out of broodiness. Not entirely sure if it was a good idea or not, I purchased her … Continue reading

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A boy and a chook

I woke up yesterday morning with very little voice, a very chesty cough and an overwhelming desire to sleep. The doctor sent me home to rest on the couch, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. And, just because my November … Continue reading

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A new door for the chicken run

A few weeks ago I came home from work to find Eileen and Alice clucking around the backyard, looking confused. I was confused too. I was the first one home and they had definitely been locked in when I left. … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Ada the chook

Gosh, it’s been a month since I last wrote. It has flown. It goes without saying that things are a bit crazy here – there’s work, the kids, visitors, play dates, and we’ve had a few public holidays thrown into … Continue reading

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