A boy and a chook

I woke up yesterday morning with very little voice, a very chesty cough and an overwhelming desire to sleep. The doctor sent me home to rest on the couch, which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

And, just because my November required more complications, Eileen (the black chook) has decided now would be an excellent time to go broody.

I’ve been doing lots of chick-raising research online. I’m worried now is probably not the time to further complicate life by trying to raise chicks  – especially since we we’re going away over Christmas. I might change my mind yet. I’m not sure. I wish we could. I’d be more comfortable if I could find a chicken person to keep an eye on them.

At this point I’ve locked her out of the run in the hope she decides to snap out of it. I’m not popular, and it’s failing miserably anyway.

trying to get back to nest

Hugo’s home with conjunctivitis so he came out with Alex and I when I was taking Eileen off her nest. Gosh, he loves our girls. I think he’d live in the chicken coop with them, given half a chance.

chicken cuddle

Despite being in a foul mood, Eileen was happy enough to let him have a snuggle (see what I did there?).

chicken love pats

I love my boy, and he loves my chooks.

I let the girls back into the coop to roost tonight and, even though I’d blocked off the nesting boxes with wire, Eileen just snuggled right up to it. Unless I bring her inside, I don’t have anywhere safe to keep her overnight. It’s probably easier just to get her some chicks!

Anyway, so that’s my dilemma. To get chicks or not. Any sage advice?

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