A new door for the chicken run

A few weeks ago I came home from work to find Eileen and Alice clucking around the backyard, looking confused. I was confused too. I was the first one home and they had definitely been locked in when I left. Maude was nowhere to be found.

teeth marks

Upon closer inspection, I realised that something (a big dog? a fox?…whatever it was had big teeth) had attacked our run and managed to snap the door frame. I did eventually find (a very dead) Maude on the other size of the yard. So horrible. She’s now fertilising one of our citrus trees.

The weather has been so horrible that we’ve just been securing the run with some solid mesh and cable ties each morning and night. Sunny weather had us off to buy some timber on Saturday morning, only to find out that the store (Bunnings Tuggeranong, if anyone local is wondering) is expanding their DIY education program…Score!

We made an appointment and I turned up this morning with the broken door – and had help (and free use of power tools) putting it back together. It was great! An hour and a half later, the door was mended and fortified. I think it should be fox safe now. I hope.

new coop door

close up

My next chicken plans are to install an additional, mesh-topped run – Alex and his father started digging the ground for it today – and then to clad our current set up to make it a bit more weatherproof.

new run preps

It was freezing, but we all enjoyed the time outside.

spray cleaning Hugo and Alex the girls

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6 Responses to A new door for the chicken run

  1. Lisa says:

    good work Ruth! It still looks very pretty. Much prettier than our chicken runs! Love the photo of Alex and Hugo.

  2. Bron says:

    Wow – you are doing a great job. Your chooks sound like Finn’s ears – doomed. Hope we’re all onto a winner now.

  3. Sorry to hear about Maud! We’ve been through lots of things with our chickens but we’ve kept going and learnt a lot along the way – they make such great family pets and the eggs are a welcome bonus too! 😉

    • Ruth says:

      I’ve been surprised at how lovely the chickens are. These two are so adorable and tame – they came from a lady who shows so they are used to being handled. I can’t wait until the weather’s a bit warmer and I can train them to be a little more friendly.

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