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fruit & nut bliss balls {gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free}

I think I’ve mentioned before that we’re still trying to sort out the mystery of Hugo’s tummy. It’s been a windy road so far. We started with Hugo only sleeping in 45 minute cycles by four months and ended up with a short … Continue reading


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{gluten & dairy-free} crunchy battered fish

We’ve had an odd day. We were at the farmers markets by 0830, then off to pick up some groceries I’d ordered online and a box of nappies at Costco. After the shops, we went on to the produce place … Continue reading

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Chatterbox beetroot relish

This recipe is borne of a lovely conversation with a dear friend. We got to know each other when we were thrown together in high school maths and have been firm friends ever since. We’ve spent more time living apart … Continue reading

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It turns out I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned my little toe was hurting. It’s broken! X-rays are so cool. I find it fascinating that they’re digital these days. The technician took one snap and confirmed I’d done a good … Continue reading

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Cake season: {gluten-free} rhubarb custard cake

We found ourselves needing somewhere to go at 0800 this morning. The children were up and Elena was raring to go. One of those days where we need to go out or things will really go pear shaped. I really … Continue reading

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{Gluten-free} passionfruit cake

So it turns out if it’s not bronchitis this week, it’s gastro. And, if you’re Hugo, you get lucky with both. It’s a good thing he’s a trooper. Needless to say, we’re sticking close to home at the moment and … Continue reading

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{Gluten-free} passionfruit curd tea cake

For me, passionfruit are one of those fruits associated with sweet childhood memories. I have distinct memories of visiting my Nanna and Poppy’s home on the north coast of New South Wales and being allowed to eat passionfruit off the … Continue reading

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{Gluten-free & oat-free} muesli slice

Growing up gluten-free in the 1980s, I got pretty used to missing out on all sorts of things. My mother did a great job dreaming up lunchbox ideas for me but, from quite a young age, I was certainly aware … Continue reading

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Playing with coconut sugar

It has been birthday party season around here lately. Elena has loved it. She has also loved all the birthday cake. I’ve not been so keen on all the sugar! Birthday cakes are one thing, but I feel stuck in … Continue reading

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Easy {gluten-free} cupcakes

I’m sharing yet another ‘throw it all together recipe’. These days I love a simple cake! These are my go-to gluten-free cupcakes. We were off to a birthday party, so I pulled some together so Elena had something gluten-free at … Continue reading

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