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A family long weekend

We had a long weekend this weekend to celebrate Canberra Day. My parents are visiting so everything’s a bit crazy and we’ve been getting up to all sorts of things which are not remotely blog-worthy. Dad and I constructed some … Continue reading

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Chatterbox beetroot relish

This recipe is borne of a lovely conversation with a dear friend. We got to know each other when we were thrown together in high school maths and have been firm friends ever since. We’ve spent more time living apart … Continue reading

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It turns out I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned my little toe was hurting. It’s broken! X-rays are so cool. I find it fascinating that they’re digital these days. The technician took one snap and confirmed I’d done a good … Continue reading

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{Gluten-free} passionfruit cake

So it turns out if it’s not bronchitis this week, it’s gastro. And, if you’re Hugo, you get lucky with both. It’s a good thing he’s a trooper. Needless to say, we’re sticking close to home at the moment and … Continue reading

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Blogging from bed

Things have been a bit quiet this week because I’ve caught myself a nasty case of bronchitis. It’s the same deal as Elena had last week. We like to keep things in the family around here. Anyway, my doctor has … Continue reading

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While we were on Norfolk, I took the opportunity to play around with my mother’s Fowlers Vacola preserving kit. It is pretty old school. Got to love that retro orange! My grandmother has a taste for spicy and unusual flavours, … Continue reading

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