Bias binding spaghetti

I’ve been working away on a new wrap for our little Hugo-the-Houdini for the last two weeks. Two weeks! For a simple little wrap? I know! The problem lies in the fact that I’m making it out of a stretchy knit – and I’ve never sewn with knits before. I’m a big chicken. A big chicken who needed to bite the stretchy knit bullet.

This project has come about because little Hugo has the most astonishing ability to wriggle his left arm out of any swaddle I wrestle him into. I could go and take a photo but then he’d probably wake up and I’m not prepared to risk it! We have a singular lovely (expensive) wrap which actually contains him, and could really do with another – hence this sewing adventure.

Anyway, I found a seemingly straightforward tutorial over at Make It & Love It and have been beavering away between sick and hungry children ever since. I’ve made metres and metres of ribbed bias binding for the edges and cut the fabric down to size.

The next step is pinning this pile of bias binding spaghetti neatly around the (curling) edges of the wrap.

bias binding spaghettiThe thing that’s killing me? I could probably leave the fabric unbound and unhemmed and it would be perfectly fine. But then it wouldn’t be how I envisioned it and it would bug me forever. Each and every time I looked at it. Yup, I’m mature like that!

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2 Responses to Bias binding spaghetti

  1. that blanket is adorable (thanks for pointing me to the tutorial)! i can see why you’re bothering with the ribbing – it looks great when it’s all done up!

  2. Emgy says:

    You must have unending patience. I’ve made baby blankets and used binding and for a simple flannel blanket could never get it right!

    My advice: YOU GO GIRL!

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