Charlie dress pinafore

My gosh. We’ve had another one of those fortnights. I feel like I’m just hanging on for the ride, at the moment. Elena had a short bout of gastro, my parents visited, I’ve had a very bad gastro experience – and there’s been a bit of sewing snuck in along the way.

A Frizzle update too – he  (she?) seems to be on the improve and is about to start hanging out in his own little pen outside for the first time in a month. It has been a loooong month.


We’ve just had our first week of autumn here in Canberra – one of my favourite times of year. The skies are clear, the mornings are crisp, and it’s balloon spectacular time.

balloon spectacular 1

Elena wasn’t so keen on Yoda.

As the weather turns cooler, my mind turns to the children’s winter wardrobes. Elena’s still stuck in the dress/skirt rut, so I thought I should give pinafores a go this year. She can wear them over short or long sleeved shirts, over leggings, tights or pants. Basically, a dress for not-really-dress-weather.

I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I decided to have a go at a slight Made by Rae Charlie dress pattern hack.

charlie dress tunic pinafore made by rae pattern hack

I altered the armscyes, trimmed down the yoke and took an inch of width out of the bodice and skirt. I bound the armscyes and hem with bias binding and added a pleated patch pocket (based on the great tutorial here).

patch pocket

I sewed this one on the tail end of my gastro bug – when I still couldn’t face food – so the sewing’s a bit dodgy but I don’t mind given I wasn’t even sure my pattern alterations were going to work.

charlie dress made by rae pinafore tunic

turn you into a frog

Elena and I went on a button finding hunt after I picked her up from preschool on Friday. As we were driving to the fabric store, I told her we needed to find some pink buttons for her new dress. ‘But Mummy, I want a green dress’, she piped up from the back seat….followed by peals of laughter. What a tricker! My cheeky girl is learning her mother’s dry humour.

cheeky girl

The fit is good, Elena is happy, and I’ve managed a coffee this morning. All is good.

double trouble

  • Pattern: Made By Rae Charlie Tunic & Dress Add-on – pattern hack as described above.
  • Size: Size 3
  • Fabric: Corduroy from Spotlight (in the stash from a sale a few years ago) and fabric for bias from Addicted 2 Fabric. Facing from a scrap sent by the lovely Fee.
  • Variations from pattern: Left sleeves off, altered armscyes, trimmed yoke facing, took width out of the bodice and skirt, finished armscyes and hem with bias binding, added a pocket.
  • Also sewn: I sewed the tunic up for this pair of pjs last year, and this nightie.
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2 Responses to Charlie dress pinafore

  1. Bron says:

    That is a gorgeous piny. Gee you make me wish I had a girl. But not enough to go back. I hope things pick up soon health wise. At least here it only seems to be me getting struck down. You’re doing an amazing job.

  2. adaisygarden says:

    Such cute photos! I had to laugh at the one with Yoda and your comment! The dress is adorable! I don’t know how you sewed anything with all the things you talked about that were going on! I guess sometimes sewing does help us relax and de-stress a bit.

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