Mid-week in pictures

A busy week here. A relaxed public holiday making new friends and enjoying wine over lunch for the first time in…(what feels like) forever. Elena starting her preschool program, and enjoying it. Hugo running at a million miles an hour and sleeping through a few times. Me learning that if I turn my back in the garden, teddy will get a bath. I was lucky it wasn’t me.

There has been some sewing of skirts. A trip to the park with Thomas, Hugo’s new best buddy. Some fussing over chickens. Some knitting – but not enough. Trying to talk myself out of buying this pattern, which I rather like. Some pottering around the garden picking strawberries and blackberries, and willing the next round of raspberries to ripen. Looking at all the weeds which need pulling out. Some decluttering of bench tops which are almost clear. All up, pretty good.

Hugo with hose Hickory shoes garden tomatoes strawberries berries raspberries Hugo thomas teenagers

How is your week treating you?

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3 Responses to Mid-week in pictures

  1. Emgy says:

    Your pics are wonderful to look at. No snow!! Looks like Hugo is having fun. =)

  2. Look at your veggies and berries… I have got veggie envy!!!

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