Ironing vanquished

Be proud of me! I conquered my ironing aversion. Elena’s pajamas are on their way. Unfortunately I’ve not produced anything worth sharing yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Of course, I’m making flannel pajamas and yesterday we had a top temperature of 30°C. Oh well, this is Canberra – it will be freezing soon enough.

In other news, I have found a little time to finish off two more squares for Woollies for Tassie. I really like this pattern but it’s a little more slow going than your standard granny square. Browsing the Woollies for Tassie facebook page, I was drawn to some similar squares made to a pattern by Signed With an Owl (great tutorial here).


I’ve made my squares with DK (8 ply) weight yarn, adding an extra round to bring them up to the 8″ (20cm) required of contributions to Woollies for Tassie. As far as my sleep deprived brain can tell (the tutorial doesn’t specify, I don’t think), the pattern is written using US crochet terminology. Well, there are half double crochets (hdc) in there and I don’t think they occur in UK patterns. I’m going by the crochet terminology conversion chart here.

IMG_1881I’m happy with how the squares are turning out and I’ve plenty more yarn, so I’m going to keep on plodding away. Hopefully I can turn out a few more before the March deadline.

IMG_1888At the rate I’m going, it’s a good thing I don’t have to provide enough squares for a full blanket. If only Hugo was a little bigger I could probably manage to feed him and crochet at the same time. Given how much time I’m spending camped on the couch with him, I’d be a lot more productive! Hungry boy.

More info on Woollies for Tassie can be found here. There’s still time to contribute!

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1 Response to Ironing vanquished

  1. Emgy says:

    I find it fascinating that your experience 30 celsius and we are experience -30 celsius! I find it funny!

    I think your crocheting is beautiful! Again…where do you find the time??

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