I (heart) Bendigo Woollen Mills

I love Bendigo Woollen Mills and, more specifically, I love any excuse to buy new yarn.

Hugo’s arrival opens up a whole new world of boy knitting possibilities…which of course requires new yarn!

I’ve found Bendigo Woollen Mills’ yarn good to work with and I’ve found it wears well. I love the 200g balls (less ends to weave in) and the fact that it’s very affordable. I just wish they had a slightly more interesting colour selection – I think a desire for a more varied, non-traditional colour palette may well eventually lead me into dying my own yarn – just as soon as we’re in our new house and I don’t have to worry about the carpet!

My order of yarn earmarked for my upcoming projects arrived yesterday afternoon and I’m thrilled.

My first task is to knit Hugo a cotton Baby Vertebrae to keep his little arms warm when we’re somewhere cool. It’s very warm outside at the moment but cool when we’re inside in the air conditioning. Ridiculously, I can’t find a light-weight long-sleeved boys’ cardigan anywhere!

I’m thinking I might be adventurous and knit the main part of the cardigan in the Latte with a French Navy ribbed edging. We’ll see how I go.

I’m also planning another in threes for a soon-to-be-one-year-old’s first birthday present. She turns one in mid-February so I’d best get cracking on this too.


Then, I’m thinking I’ll work on some sort of winter cardigan for Hugo using the Mallard. It’s the most brilliant colour in real life – it loses its brilliance in the photo.


I did also order some pink (gasp!) DK for Elena, but it’s on back order so will arrive separately.

I have no idea how on earth I am going to get all of this done with two small kidlets. Did I mention I’m hoping Hugo’s as good a sleeper as his sister?

Now I just need to find my 4mm circular needles to cast on the Baby Vertebrae – they’re not where they should be. I keep all of my needles in very good order so it’s unusual for a pair to be missing.

I think it may be the universe telling me to clean the apartment and back away from the knitting! We have our first open for inspection tomorrow morning. Eeek!

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2 Responses to I (heart) Bendigo Woollen Mills

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how envious I am that you actually need air conditioning right now. LOL! Beautiful yarn, can’t wait to see how it knits up! 🙂

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