Hugo’s here to stay

Elena has adored Hugo from the moment she laid eyes on him. When she met him at the birth centre she lent in for a kiss, patted him on the head and immediately checked to see if he was wearing shoes. He wasn’t.

IMG_1089Elena is fascinated by Hugo’s every sneeze and grizzle. She shares with him admirably (most of the time).


We will be lucky if he makes it to kindergarten with both eyes still intact, and without being crushed by an over enthusiastic sister.

IMG_1108In the last day or two, Elena has realised that an immobile Hugo makes a great obstacle course for her various vehicles.

IMG_1106What is also dawning on her, however, is that Hugo is here to stay. I have found watching her come to that realisation very sobering. Our little family of three has been replaced by a slightly larger, slightly more complex family of four. It is new and it is different.

IMG_1115It is my greatest wish that the children will grow up as great companions with respect and affection for each other. I hope our parenting will create an environment which enables their relationship to grow into a happy, comfortable one.

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3 Responses to Hugo’s here to stay

  1. Emgy says:

    I love hearing about how Elena is overly loving to Hugo. I am in fact, in that exact same situation. My daughter is 1 and our son is 5.5 weeks. They share the same birthday so they are exactly 1 year apart.
    I share in the sentiment that our son…if he can survive his big sister, the kid is ready for the world!

    Congratulations on Hugo’s arrival and enjoy these special times!

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    When my eldest son was born, firstborn-3yr-old-missy stood by his cot about two weeks after he arrived and said in a green-tinged voice of jealousy “I don’t like that baby. Can we send him back?” Thankfully, now aged 19 and 16, they are very good companions for each other and I’m pleased to say the sister no longer regards her brother as The Imposter.

  3. Cassy says:

    Your kids are darling!!! What is it about kids always wanting to poke other kids’ eyes? Congrats on your new baby boy.

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