Some curtains for the chooks

We’ve had another hot and busy day here, and I must admit that it’s sapping my desire to sew for KCW. I think I’m going to pass on my final hour of sewing and try to finish off a little beanie I started a week or so ago instead (check out this Purl Bee pattern – so cute!).

I did manage to snatch a moment to sew this morning, however. Just not kid’s clothes…I finished some curtains for our chicken coop. I know you think I’m mad. For goodness sake, even I think I’m mad on this one…I just couldn’t help myself.

Curtains in a chicken coop? Just far too tempting. I reused a curtain rod from the house, and Alex bought me some little brackets at the hardware store. Anyway, it’s out of my system now – I can move on!

curtainsAs far as I can tell from my research, the curtains shouldn’t perturb the chickens from using the nesting boxes. If they do cause I problem they’re easy enough to get rid of!

So here you go. The curtains are up, the floor is in. All that’s left is to mount the whole thing on some treated pine, lay my hands on some second hand lino to go on the floor (it’s removable and helps when cleaning the coop out), find some tree branches for perches, and get some waterers and feeders organised. Then, we’ll be ready to go!

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4 Responses to Some curtains for the chooks

  1. The curtains turned out great! 🙂

  2. Bron says:

    I think that is such a cute idea. Elena will be upset it’s not her cubby house if you keep making it this appealing.

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