Bedtime story pajamas

I first sewed this pattern years ago for a friend’s son. It’s so lovely to be able to sew a pair for one of my own children!

IMG_1917 watermark frame overlayBedtime Story Pajamas is a great little Oliver + s pattern which comes together quite quickly, although I do find the folding and ironing of the cuffs and ties tiresome. Impatient, much?

Elena has been growing like a weed lately and, with the recent spell of cooler nights, we’ve discovered she has grown out of last winter’s pajamas. Elena is so tiny that I’ve made her the 12-18 month size. I measured her about 10 times and she always fell into that size range. I must confess I’ve held my breath about the fit. So far, so good. I’ll have my complete answer when I finish the pants off this evening.

These pajamas are her first ‘grown up’ pajamas – before now she has just slept in all-in-one sleep suits. I hope they keep her nice and toasty.

We tried the top on for size this morning as we went out to check our pot plants.

IMG_1914 watermark frame

Quick check to make sure Hugo’s still inside.

IMG_1908 watermark frame

All good.

IMG_1909 watermark frameI could stand still for a photo…

IMG_1916 watermark frame


IMG_1917 watermark frame

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8 Responses to Bedtime story pajamas

  1. Emgy says:

    Elena sure is adorable! The “adult” pajamas I find are so much easier to deal with then sleepers (all-in-one sleepsuits as you put it). Olivia is tiny as well. She is 14 months and her 12 month pants are so big on her. The shirts are getting small with her arm length.
    Back to pajamas. We put Olivia in “adult” pajamas a few days ago and I find them so much better then sleepers. They allow for more mobility at night which is nice.
    The one’s Elena are wearing look precious!

    • Ruth says:

      I hope they keep her warm! Our biggest problem in winter is that we don’t have central heating so it gets quite cold inside at night. I hope her feet don’t get cold!

  2. Valerie says:

    That’s so sweet! I like the design a lot!! Reminds me of a kimono. 😀

  3. Wonderful pajamas. The huge smile on her face says they are toddler approved, which is the most important thing. 🙂

  4. Cassy says:

    Darling pjs! Your daughter is adorable. She seems to love them!

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