Celebrate the BOY!

Browsing through my favourite blogs while feeding Hugo this morning, I came across this sweet post by Dana over at MADE. It’s time for another Celebrate the Boy! Two weeks of boy projects, starting Monday 25 February. And this time I have my own little boy.

IMG_1822Time for a challenge. Time to do some sewing for Hugo. Lucky little man! As Dana points out, there aren’t too many cute boy projects online. It’s a pity.

Me? Lucky?

IMG_1824So today I’m going to spend some time planning out some glorious boy projects. And getting a wriggle on so I can finish everything else I’m working on for Elena before the weekend!

Which means I’ve got to start Elena’s pajamas. A pile of washed, un-ironed flannel is sitting on my ironing board making eyes at me. It has been there for days. Have I mentioned I hate ironing? Although, as far as ironing goes, ironing pre-washed fabric is pretty sweet. No gathers, no seams, no sweat.

I’ve measured Elena up for the pajamas. She’s in love with my tape measure.


IMG_9912  IMG_9919



IMG_9925I guess I could call this development of maths skills, no? I tried to catch a cute shot of her measuring her waist. As you can see, I failed. All I captured was a reaffirmation that it’s hard to catch an excited toddler on film! She would. not. sit. still.

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6 Responses to Celebrate the BOY!

  1. Seriously Ruth you really do have the most beautiful children! Those two photos of Hugo are just divine..he’s so awake isn’t he!

  2. Emgy says:

    Hugo is rather adorable! Elena reminds me a lot of my daughter. Run. Run. Run. stop for 2 seconds. Run. Run. Run. =)

    I’m so impressed that you manage to do any projects with 2 little ones. I just gave all my sewing gear to my sister because I simply do not have any time! So…YOU GO GIRL!

  3. Tash says:

    Hehe, too cute with Elena trying to measure herself! Is she walking now?!

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