Then there were three…and maybe four

First, we had Hugo vomiting in the wee hours of Friday morning. I had hoped Elena might escape the bug but it turns out that was a little over-optimistic.

She seemed fine until we were driving to her ENT specialist appointment on Friday afternoon. I heard a little coughing and a sad voice from the back seat…and then lots of vomiting. Thankfully I was on a section of road where I could pull over safely. Of course, I hadn’t packed a spare pair of clothes (mamma fail), so I had to do my best and clean her up with a pack of wet wipes. Great. We were half way though our appointment when the coughing started up again. Thankfully my reflexes were working and I managed to catch it all in my hand (that’s love for you…) and get Elena over the sink before the next round started. How embarrassing. Thank goodness we missed the carpet due to some fancy footwork by Alex and the strategic deployment of a handkerchief.

Turns out the ENT was lovely and completely un-phased. It also turns out that Elena definitely needs grommets. We’re booked in for 17 December. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and we will see an end to her seemingly ever-present ear infections. It’s a bit scary, though.

Elena wasn’t the only one to catch the vomits from Hugo. I’ve had my turn too, but thankfully am feeling better today. Alex was complaining about his gut this morning. I have my fingers crossed he will escape and not become victim number four.

The happy news for today is that we’re getting evaporative cooling installed! There have been various tradies traipsing through the place all day and I have my fingers crossed it will all be done by the end of the afternoon.

ductingI’m still wracked with indecision about chicken coops, but I think I’ve settled on the eBay coop idea. Having everyone sick this weekend has made me freak out about the prospect of getting a coop started and then having to abandon it in the middle of the process. I think a coop we can get up before I go back to work in January is the way to go. Today.

trailerI had considered calling this post ‘Why I love Alex’, but I thought that was a bit soppy. But anyway, this picture represents one of the reasons why I love Alex. He accommodates my crazy ideas and is usually willing to come along for the ride. I found a listing on gumtree (Australia’s version of Craig’s List) for free bricks and pavers…and Alex was sweet enough to volunteer to go and pick them up for me. It was a hot day and it took two trips. That’s love for you.

bricks and paversThey will be used to pave the space between the slab where the chicken coop will go and the fence so we don’t end up with a quagmire under the coop’s nesting boxes.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with tales of successfully installed cooling and a happy and healthy family!

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12 Responses to Then there were three…and maybe four

  1. Sorry your littles were ill (and you too). I’d love to see the coop’s progress. Be well.

  2. JanMarie says:

    and here I was thinking you were expecting and possibly twins – oh well, guessing a gastro bug may be more desirable at this point in time.

  3. Jen says:

    We had evap cooling installed on Friday! Looking forward to trying it out.

  4. Bron says:

    Oh dear – the vomits. Hope they have cleared up. Glad to hear Elena does need grommets. As horrible as it sounds it means there was reasoning behind the worry. Dr A is just the best. I hold him in the highest regard – she is in truly safe hands. I feel that after 3 times I can vouch for that – and in no way was the quantity any fault of his. If you need any more pavers we have a lot spare from where we ripped them up and planted our grass. Good luck with the coop building.

    • Ruth says:

      I had you in the back of my mind when we were making our decision whether to go ahead. It’s comforting to know you guys had such a good experience. It means a lot.

  5. Emgy says:

    I’m Canadian, so forgive me…what are grommets? Do you mean tubes in her ears?
    I hope all goes well with the Dec 17th appt (which I assume is surgery?). I know its a very common surgery done here in Edmonton so I’ll wish you well.
    I’m really sorry to hear about the flu going around. The flu is never fun. I wish your family well!

  6. Lisa says:

    Aw Ruth vomity bugs are no fun. Luckily I was the only one to get it here. We too have a big pile of bricks and pavers sitting around waiting for that ideal purpose to come to mind! If only i could afford a trip to Aus – we’d come over and build your coop for you… xx

    • Ruth says:

      Sorry you’ve been sick too 😦 We’d love to have you all to visit, too. Maybe one day 🙂 Hopefully we’ll make it back to NZ in the next few years. I’m sure the kids would get on really well!

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