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Happy birthday, Hugo!

A year ago today, Alex, Elena and I welcomed Hugo into the world. Happy birthday, little one! I can’t believe a whole year has passed by. It seems crazy that our baby’s one. He has grown so much. There are … Continue reading

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Green plums and a cool afternoon (for a change)

I think summer is really here. It’s only the third of December and already we’ve got a forecast top of 33°C (~91°F)…but it’s nice and cool inside! The guys finished installing our cooling yesterday and it’s doing a great job. … Continue reading

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Then there were three…and maybe four

First, we had Hugo vomiting in the wee hours of Friday morning. I had hoped Elena might escape the bug but it turns out that was a little over-optimistic. She seemed fine until we were driving to her ENT specialist … Continue reading

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Sleep and chicken coops

The strangest thing happened on Thursday morning. Lying in bed, having been fast asleep, I became aware of Hugo chatting away in his cot at the foot of our bed. Exhausted, I slowly opened an eye. As soon as I … Continue reading

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Adventures in bubble wrap

We had a heating/energy efficiency specialist come through the house to look at our energy efficiency and suggest ways to improve it. He had a lot of recommendations, including insulating the skylight in our kitchen. It was suggested we could … Continue reading

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I think they call it a ‘project’

Well, we’ve had a slightly unexpected week. We have long been planning a juggling act – selling our apartment and moving into the house we own. We had a tenant in our house, so moving after selling the apartment was … Continue reading

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