Stitch markers

A very quick post today. Hugo was unsettled yesterday and then woke in the early hours this morning with the vomits. He seems happier today, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a 24-hour bug which doesn’t spread. I’m not sure I like my luck. On the upside, Elena’s having an outing this morning with Alex’s mother and I’ve had some time to knock some housework over. It’s chilly today (and we’re only a few days off summer, can you believe?) and I think I will pull out my knitting this afternoon. I have an in threes which has been languishing on my needles.

Perhaps some new stitch markers will inspire me to push through the last two inches of stockinette that I’ve got to get through? I’ve been eyeing off beautiful stitch markers for a while. There were some lovely ones in use at the recent Knitter’s Guild meeting I attended. There are also plenty of beautiful specimens on Etsy. I generally use waste yarn or twine tied in knots, or some plastic markers I picked up at my local yarn store. Functional, but definitely not beautiful.

twineI wanted snag-free markers, and came across this tutorial from DesiLoop. Once I sorted out my crimping pliers (beads and I have never been friends), these came together well.

markerI like them. They didn’t turn out to be a particularly cheap exercise (trust me to fall in love with the porcelein beads which cost $1.20 a piece and the flat pressed glass beads for $12.50 a strand…sigh), but I think it was worth it.

markersDefinitely check out the tutorial if you feel inspired to make your own – it’s a simple process (and a cost saver if you choose wisely)!

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2 Responses to Stitch markers

  1. Twine, what a good idea. I use wool but it is too soft to push through the stitch without threading it on a needle. I used the plastic markers but find they snap easily. Yours are gorgeous.

  2. Emgy says:

    I love reading your blog. I live vicariously through you! I get to pretend I’m crafty, full of energy and I have a garden! BTW: Awesome job on the stitch markers.

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