Sleep? Totally optional.

Sleep is for weaklings, right? That’s what I’ve been telling myself. Evidently, so has Hugo.

Our little boy has just cracked the one month mark and decided he no can no longer sleep during the day. This has nicely coincided with Alex going back to work and Elena’s family day care provider not coming back to work as planned.

Result? A little boy who can’t sleep and a bored big sister who is doing her best to make sure it wouldn’t happen, even if he could!

(Who, me?)

IMG_1482In other words, yesterday was really tough. Hugo slept for five minutes every two hours for the whole day, poor little thing. Every mother I know has been here at some point, but it doesn’t make it any more fun.

Needless to say, there’s not much knitting happening here.

Alex came home via the baby store where he picked up a playpen. Yet another thing to hide during our open homes! I’m not going to use it to restrain Elena, rather, I’m hoping it will protect Hugo.

IMG_1468 Hopefully he continues to like his new digs. It looks fairly hilarious. Much like a baby jail. The things we do, huh?

IMG_1480We eventually got Hugo to sleep by giving him a bath after Elena was in bed, and letting him feed until he was in a deep, deep slumber.

Here’s to more sleep for everyone.

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8 Responses to Sleep? Totally optional.

  1. Octavia says:

    I found a sling was invaluable at this point!

  2. Valerie says:

    Aww, lol! It does look like a baby jail, but I think it’s a great idea!

  3. Sophia says:

    It does look hilarious, but from the first picture we can see that it is doing its job perfectly!

    • Ruth says:

      It is working 🙂 Elena’s favourite thing to do today was post toys into the playpen. I have to remember to keep him back in the far corner – at a safe distance!

  4. Emgy says:

    Wow. Your way more prepared then me! We just let Olivia play with Xavier. He sometimes fusses because of course his big sister doesn’t exactly understand “gentle”…but she tries. Sometimes, he LOVES it and flashes his big sister a whopping grin!

    • Ruth says:

      Elena tries to be gentle too, but it wasn’t consistent enough and she was hurting him. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom when they were both up!

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