Sewlosophy Serendipity pants and shirt

Months ago I came across a call for pattern testers over at The Mother Huddle. Destri was in the final stages of designing and launching a new pattern company – Sewlosophy Pattern Co. The Serendipty range includes pants, a top, a swing coat and beret. I signed up, never dreaming that I might actually get chosen – but I did!

As part of the pattern testing process, I received a free copy of the patterns.

I made a size two in both the pants and the top with full-length sleeves. I must say they were very easy to sew and came together beautifully.

set - top and pantsI was a little skeptical when I noticed the gathers on the trousers and cute button detail on the top, but I needn’t have worried.

The pants are sewn in denim, and the shirt in cotton. The denim is such a nice weight for autumn – warm and not too casual.

The trouser pattern has lots of neat details – a sweet yoke at the front and flat-felled seam at the back. The elastic is entirely concealed with a clever construction technique which makes the finished product appear professional. The blouse has soft gathers across the chest and buttons on the shoulder.


I was really taken by the online video tutorials which accompany the Sewlosphy patterns. I’d not seen such a thing before. I don’t think of myself as a particularly visual learner, but there was something extra helpful about seeing the garments being sewn – and being able to sew along with the video.

The written component of the patterns was great too – lots of clear photos and explicit instructions. The construction of both pants and top is quite simple but very effective.

Elena - top Elena - front of pantsElena loves both the pants and top. They are just the clothes for tigers, don’t you know?

Elena - tigerThe pants have become a wardrobe staple…and Elena loves the shirt too. I’ll definitely be sewing plenty more of these – and the coat and beret too – because they’re just too cute. Just as soon as I’ve got myself organised. Which will happen one day. At least the patterns run from size 2 to 12 – I’ve got plenty of time.

I know I’m singing the praises of this range – but you can be sure I wouldn’t be if I didn’t think they were great.




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7 Responses to Sewlosophy Serendipity pants and shirt

  1. Shauna says:

    She is lovely Ruth! You have some truly impressive sewing skills.

  2. You Ruth was a lovely set, I really liked the fabrics you used. It was a fun experience.


  3. Destri says:

    Ruth, I am smiling from ear to ear! I was so lucky to have you and can’t wait to see what you make with the coat and beret pattern! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  4. fionamakes says:

    Such a beautiful outfit! Love those pants especially!

  5. Sutika says:

    cool stuff Ruth

  6. Sarah says:

    Simple and classy – not usually said about about toddler size clothes! They look great. Is there any nappy allowance in the size 2?

  7. Jenya says:

    I love the outfit. I keep on looking at that pants pattern – they are so cute!

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