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It turns out I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned my little toe was hurting. It’s broken! X-rays are so cool. I find it fascinating that they’re digital these days. The technician took one snap and confirmed I’d done a good … Continue reading


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2013 in review – and a blank canvas of a 2014

Happy New Year, all! I hope 2014 has been kind to you and your families so far – and that your year goes from strength to strength. As we drift into 2014, it’s interesting to reflect upon last year. 2013 … Continue reading

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Sniffles, toilets, life admin and pho

I don’t know what the weather’s been like around your parts, but it’s been a bit crazy in Canberra over the last few weeks. Wet and cold one moment, sunny and warm the next. Rinse and repeat. Lots of people … Continue reading

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Because I have to add this link to claim my blog… Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you don’t use a blog reader, you might like to check Bloglovin’ out – it’s pretty nifty.

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When all is not right in the world

You know that feeling you get when all is not right in the world? That uneasy feeling where you’re just waiting for some more bad news to filter through to you? I have that right now. One piece of bad … Continue reading

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Monday, happy Monday

And so it’s Monday again. In complete opposition to most of the working world, I’m finding myself yearning for Mondays. Mondays signal the start of the slower part of my week. They mean time to potter around and attend to … Continue reading

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Alpaca goodness

Today we headed about 30 minutes out of Canberra to visit the Alpaca Magic open day. It was beautiful, if not chilly, weather. The animals were fantastic. Who knew alpacas and llamas could have spots? I’m a total alpaca geek. … Continue reading

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Hot air balloons are so whimsical. I think they’re quite fantastic and can only imagine how exciting they were when they were first invented. Canberra has a good climate for hot air balloons and we often see them from our … Continue reading

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A walk

As far as I’m concerned, Canberra is at its best in autumn and spring. The mornings are often clear and crisp and it’s lovely to get out and about. Today was just such a day, so I bundled the children … Continue reading

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Best laid plans

Our dining table is covered in supplies for sewing projects but, alas, we’re all still sick! No sewing here. Best laid plans and all that. The good news is that Elena seems to be on the mend after a rough … Continue reading

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