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We’re all moved in

I’m happy to report that we’re all moved in. It went smoothly – nothing got lost or broken and the actual moving part was over inside of four hours. We’re still surrounded by boxes, but we’ve unpacked the basics. We’re … Continue reading

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We’ve had a long week here. Elena had her chicken pox immunisation and seemingly hit her terrible twos (six months early) all in the course of a few days so she’s been keeping me on my toes. I’m taking lots … Continue reading

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Sleep? Totally optional.

Sleep is for weaklings, right? That’s what I’ve been telling myself. Evidently, so has Hugo. Our little boy has just cracked the one month mark and decided he no can no longer sleep during the day. This has nicely coincided … Continue reading

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Operation Leave the House

Today is Alex’s first day back at work after Hugo’s birth. Translation: A Very Sad Day. I’ve been dreading this day – it means our lovely, slow family time has screeched to a halt and reality begins again. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Hugo’s here to stay

Elena has adored Hugo from the moment she laid eyes on him. When she met him at the birth centre she lent in for a kiss, patted him on the head and immediately checked to see if he was wearing … Continue reading

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