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Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 3….and a very worn out and worried Mamma

I try to stay upbeat here on the blog, but I must say I’ve been finding this parenting gig really tough this week. It’s so dispiriting to feel like you can’t fix things for an unsettled baby and make everything … Continue reading

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Biting the cables bullet

I have a habit of getting into a crafting rut – making the same thing, over and over (case in point – my love of the in threes baby cardigan). Every now and again, I go out on a limb. … Continue reading

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An unintentional break

It has been a long, quiet fortnight here. Alex has been away with work, we’ve had family visiting, Hugo’s had an ear infection which has stuck around – and had teeth numbers three and four arrive. We don’t do things … Continue reading

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Kicking around and waiting for Spring

We’ve spent the last few days kicking around at home. We spent Thursday with friends which was lovely. Friday was bitterly cold and windy so Elena, Hugo and I spent the day inside catching up on housework, doing a spot … Continue reading

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One of *those* days

Today was one of those days. Poor little Hugo has a second tooth cutting through and it’s proving traumatic for all involved. This morning Hugo was so unhappy – cuddle him, he’d cry. Pop him in the bouncer, he’d cry. … Continue reading

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How did that happen?

Not long ago I was the proud mother of a tiny newborn girl. Now, I’m the proud mother of a precocious two year old who loves fist bumps. What a full two years it has been! I feel like I’ve … Continue reading

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Five months today

Our little Hugo is five months old today! We’re going well, although Hugo’s sleep has been fairly dire for the last few nights. I’m sick, Elena is snotty and I’m fairly sure Hugo’s going to be the next one to … Continue reading

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Failure to thrive

Agh. Major life blips aren’t fun, are they? Hugo’s sleeping got to a crisis point, so he and I had a stay at sleep school this week with Alex staying with us overnight. It turns out that Hugo’s sleeping problem … Continue reading

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Damp, lazy day

Today was a lazy day. This morning was wet and dreary. I’m trying to stay home so Hugo can have his naps (we missed one yesterday and had a horrid night as a result), so some lovely friends and their … Continue reading

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Finding a (new) groove

I’ve read that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. After the last month, I must say I agree. There’s something disorienting about having to find everything new places, learning all about a … Continue reading

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