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A big week and a Granny’s Favourite

We’ve had a big week here in the ruth plus two household. We’ve had a second birthday, a business trip (not me, obviously), two little ones finishing courses of antibiotics, grandparents here to stay (thank goodness for Grandma and Granddad), … Continue reading


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New books

I came across an unused gift voucher while we were moving. Score! I love delayed birthday presents. I took Hugo off to the National Portrait Gallery and had a wander around a few of the current exhibitions – the National … Continue reading

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Covert robin: what I made for Quilting Mumma

I was so excited to participate in this year’s Covert robin, a craft swap co-hosted by Imagine Gnats and a handful of other talented crafty bloggers. I must admit I was a little stumped as to what to make Ally … Continue reading

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Celebrate the BOY!: Baby Sophisticate

We visited some friends and their newborn son on the weekend. He’s a total cutie and they all seem to be doing very well. Elena seemed a little concerned at first – I think she thought the little one might … Continue reading

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In threes, in lake

I’m happy to report I’ve finished my first birthday present, in threes in lake. I won’t write much because I’ve written about this pattern before. As always, it was a smooth and easy knit. My biggest difficulty was finding the … Continue reading

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We’ve had a long week here. Elena had her chicken pox immunisation and seemingly hit her terrible twos (six months early) all in the course of a few days so she’s been keeping me on my toes. I’m taking lots … Continue reading

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A first birthday gift

I believe there’s a certain magic in a carefully selected, lovingly hand made gift – as long as it’s appropriate and well made. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but if I did this year’s would be to make as … Continue reading

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Hugo’s baby vertebrae

Somehow, I’m not sure how, I’ve managed to finish Hugo’s cotton Baby Vertebrae. It’s a very straightforward pattern knited top down on circular needles. This one is knitted in Bendigo Woollen Mill’s 8 ply cotton (latte and French navy colourways) … Continue reading

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Easy baby cardigan

These Deramores buttons are coming in handy! I’ve managed to finish off another cardigan which was hanging out in the bottom of my knitting bag. This was one of my girl baby knits. Obviously, it’s not really a colour for … Continue reading

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Baby sophisticate: finally finished

We didn’t find out Hugo’s gender during our morphology scan so during my pregnancy I knitted baby clothes in pairs – girl and boy items, one for one. This grandpa cardigan was one of the boy knits. I knitted it … Continue reading

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