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Grommets success

We’ve got the grommets over and done with. Elena coped with the whole thing admirably – the anesthetic process was pretty horrible (for both of us) but she woke up calmly and was just sucking her thumb by the time … Continue reading

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Knitting today, grommets tomorrow

I hope you all had a good weekend – we had a great Saturday, but Sunday was all downhill. Hugo split his lip and goodness know what got into Elena. She was not a well behaved girl. Neither of them … Continue reading

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Stitch markers

A very quick post today. Hugo was unsettled yesterday and then woke in the early hours this morning with the vomits. He seems happier today, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a 24-hour bug which doesn’t spread. I’m not … Continue reading

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It’s probably time to admit I’ve got a problem

Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m an in threes addict. I really love this pattern. I can’t help it – the cardigan’s so great for layering and adding a pop of colour to a baby’s outfit. I never fail … Continue reading

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A touch of dyeing

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog as I try and put the house back together after KCW. Bathrooms have been scrubbed, floors vacuumed and mopped. To be honest, it was all quite overdue and I’m glad to … Continue reading

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Biting the cables bullet

I have a habit of getting into a crafting rut – making the same thing, over and over (case in point – my love of the in threes baby cardigan). Every now and again, I go out on a limb. … Continue reading

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Rainbow cardi: yet another in threes

A friend of a friend, my hairdresser is having her second baby in November. She is fantastic and, even though I don’t see her nearly often enough, I adore her. This girl is into pin-ups and is a lovely colourful … Continue reading

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A cute set for some cute siblings

Some dear friends welcomed a cute baby boy into their family recently. Given I was also running really late with his big sister’s first birthday present, his arrival presented me with an irresistible opportunity to knit a sibling set. Both … Continue reading

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Harriet joined our family this weekend. A birthday gift to Elena from my grandmother, she hails from Latvia. We bought her from Antonia’s Wonderland Inhabitant on Etsy. I adore Waldorf (Steiner) dolls and wish I had the time to try … Continue reading

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One of *those* days

Today was one of those days. Poor little Hugo has a second tooth cutting through and it’s proving traumatic for all involved. This morning Hugo was so unhappy – cuddle him, he’d cry. Pop him in the bouncer, he’d cry. … Continue reading

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