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Starting Magrathea

I’ve been pondering a lace project for the last year or so. Something special, just for me. I’ve just cast on Strickmich’s Magrathea in Madeline Tosh Light. I’ve never knitted with anything so swish, so I’m hoping the yarn lives … Continue reading

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Chickens, chickens, chickens.

I’ve been on a big chicken-mamma adventure this last month or so, courtesy of two incredibly broody hens. Oh my gosh. Eileen was the first to drink the broody kool-aid, and Alice joined in as soon as she could. The quickest solution … Continue reading

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Oopsie….or, how to break a leg in one easy step: #parentingfail

So, when we were on Norfolk we visited some friends. Who have a trampoline. Elena had a go and collapsed in a heap on her first jump. We iced it immediately and took her home to keep it elevated. She … Continue reading

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Norfolk break

Not many words today, just far too many photos from our time away. I couldn’t pick which ones to post, so you’re getting the (long) short-list! We fed the iconic feral chooks. Often. All was good until one of the ducks … Continue reading

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29°03’30″S 167°57’05″E

While I’ve written about Norfolk Island before, I’ve never shared any photos of the island’s extensive collection of convict-era buildings and ruins. The buildings here were all built during the second convict settlement (1825-1853) and subsequently used by the Pitcairn settlers when they … Continue reading

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Looking forward

I’m looking forward to 2015. This last year has been a complete slog, personally and professionally. I couldn’t count the number of times we’ve been sick (although none of the illnesses have been serious – we’re lucky for that). I broke … Continue reading

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Hugo turns two

Our little one has turned two and I can’t quite believe it! What a year it has been. Hugo has turned from a wobbly baby into determined toddler. He loves anything with wheels – and his chickens, of course. The baby … Continue reading

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