Pink, and the end of an era

We had our appointment at the fractures clinic yesterday and Elena’s the proud new owner of a bright pink fibreglass cast. Thankfully, she only has to have it on for a fortnight and has been given the go ahead to walk on it, and do pretty much anything except run around, go in the sandpit…or jump on a trampoline. Don’t think there’s much chance of that happening again any time soon!


Elena’s so terribly bored. We’ve watched more television than I’m proud to admit, and done enough craft to fill a season of Mr Maker. Whatever works, right?

The good news, though, is Elena’s been given the go ahead to go back to school to start her preschool program next week.

So this week has also seen the end of an era – Elena will (all things going well) be at school five days a week from next week, and Hugo in child care for four days. My crazy, chaotic, mental breakdown-inducing days of juggling them both on a Thursday and Friday are over.

pink 2

I’m going to savour that one day a week – get lots done in the garden, do some study (hopefully, if my uni application is accepted), and maybe some sewing too. It feels quite unreal. The quiet day to myself won’t last for ever, but I’ll have no trouble enjoying it while it’s here.

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