KCW: Serendipity shorts

These shorts are the result of a very slight re-working of the Sewlosophy Pattern Co. Serendipity Capris pattern (I have written about this pattern here and here).


In fact, I used the same pattern pieces I cut out for my weekend sewing. I pleated the front of the pants (tutorial here) and left the cuffs off. I finished the pants off following the trouser instructions.


The shorts are sewn from a stretch drill. I didn’t realise it was stretchy until I had washed it so pressed on with fingers crossed. The front of the waistband is sewn from non-stretchy chino drill for a bit more stability. And some pink. I sewed a size 2T for my tiny girl, with size 3 length.


I think they’re sweet. Elena approves. She will grow out of this pink stage, right?

Hugo’s turn tomorrow.

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3 Responses to KCW: Serendipity shorts

  1. Bron says:

    Adorable. Can’t wait to see what Hugo gets.

  2. Jenya says:

    NO, the pink phase will not last forever… but then again… Bwaaaaaaaaahahaha! The pants look lovely as shorts!

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