Sick baby, mama anxiety and dino tails: our weekend

It feels like we’ve had such a long weekend. Poor Hugo’s been very unwell. Our GP assured me it was a virus, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor mite has proper influenza (generally miserable, fevers, vomiting, rigours, runny nose, cough, off his food and milk, fitful sleeping and waking disoriented). Horrible. Ever since Alex’s brush with meningoencephalitis – the un-fun double whammy of inflammation of the brain and the surrounding cerebral tissue – we’ve been on meningitis high-alert. I feel like I run constant diagnostic checks each time one of us gets sick. So yeah, fun weekend. Not great for exhaustion or anxiety levels. Hugo’s on the mend, thank goodness.

On the upside (if there is one) the weather has been foul and so staying inside hasn’t seemed so bad. I’ve had a big pot of bone broth cooking for Hugo this afternoon and we’re taking it easy – with Alex and I taking turns to pop out and do the grocery shopping.

instructions at the ready cutting

Saturday afternoon saw Elena and I get our sew on and start some dinosaur tails I’ve been planning for ages. Um, yeah, I need to tidy my sewing space. Understatement of the year (decade? century? millennium?).

double trouble

I followed the great tutorial over at Running with Scissors with a few changes here and there (which I’ll blog when I’ve got some daylight to work with and my pint-sized assistant is otherwise occupied).

It took Elena a while to warm up to her tail this morning but once she got her courage up there was no stopping her. You can see she was at full strength by dinner time…I have more blurry dinosaur pictures than you’d believe!

IMG_1474 where's that tail

Even dinos like their Duplo.


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9 Responses to Sick baby, mama anxiety and dino tails: our weekend

  1. Ngaire says:

    I LOVE this! So talented!

  2. Sutika says:

    Sorry to hear everyone is sick but that tail is bloody genius!!

  3. Adorable — you should market these!

  4. Lisa says:

    those tails are awesome. potential idea for a ‘dinosaur’ themed birthday party I have to sort for next month! shame my seamstress is in the UK. Sorry to hear Hugo’s been so ill. Poor him, and poor mum and dad.

  5. jenya says:

    Glad to hear Hugo’s feeling better! Those dino tails are awesome! Gotta look into making one for LM.

  6. Bron says:

    I love them. Would probably have to make mine floppy so they didn’t turn into a weapon – like I’ll ever get around to making them. Ha. Hope Hugo picks up soon and no-one else goes down with the virus.

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