Two birthdays and some sewing

We’ve had two birthdays in the house – mine was earlier in July, and Elena’s this last week.  We both had lovely days, and we had a little get together to celebrate Elena turning three. I know it’s clichéd, but I think it’s crazy we’ve a three year old.

Elena, of course, has taken to being three with gusto. She tells us, and anyone else who’ll listen, “I’m three now!”.

three candles blow

We caught up with all the little girls from our mother’s group who we see pretty regularly. They are all so lovely and played so well together. We even managed a round of pass the parcel without anyone dropping their bundle. They really are growing up.

I got it into my head that it would be cute to make the girls totes as party bags. I saw a bag a friend had made as a gift – and all I could think about was the pattern shrunk down to toddler-size. I based my bags on the long thread’s pattern, but made them smaller and shallower.

bird totes

The bags were cute, but – oh boy – so much work when multiplied by six! We also added a few homemade hair ties and a book.


Hugo loved having all of the girls around too. He’s a happy chap at the moment but teething like nothing else. We’ve never seen the need for dribble bibs…until now. Hugo and I made this one together on Friday morning. I loved sewing with that boy – he applauded every time we turned a corner!

boo dribble bib for Hugo

I’ve made a few more since – they are so handy. I used the Bundles & Buttons pattern here – the fronts are simple cottons, with the backs bamboo fleece for absorbency.

dribble bibs

There has been a bit happening around the place. With regards to the chickens – Betty got very egg bound and the vet put her down. A dog broke into our run and managed to kill Maude (it actually broke the door frame to get in – must have been very determined). It has been very sad, and we are not having good luck with our feathered friends. We have two new girls who we’re watching over very carefully while we plan a chicken run extension and fortification.

In happier news, I’ve been dyeing a lot for my store. I have been test sewing again and will share as soon as I can grab some decent photos (sleeveless dress + Canberra winter = no outside photos…but the dress features in Elena’s birthday photos above). I have about fifty sewing projects I’m busting to start. I have a Gidday on my needles. I’m waiting for all my dear pregnant friends to have their babies so I can cast on for them (there are four of you – you know who you are!). I think I need to start a spreadsheet. There are some dinosaur tails in our future, too.

I hope you’re all well and good.

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14 Responses to Two birthdays and some sewing

  1. Sutika says:

    I love Elena’s birthday cake, it is magic.

  2. fee says:

    LOVE the bags! What fabric is it – my little girl would love a dress in it!

  3. Bron says:

    I meant to text and say Happy Birthday to you all – but got caught up hanging out at hospital for multiple grommet operations. Everyone under the age of 4 now has a working set. Lol. The cake is amazing and those bags gorgeous. You are truly amazing. Hope these feathered girls go the distance – so sad about the others. I’ll get working on giving you more to do – only 7 (more like 8.5) weeks to go.

    • Ruth says:

      My gosh – you poor thing! I hope you’re earning frequent flyer (grommets) points 😦 Hope it helps the little mites, anyway.

      You are all due within about a fortnight of each other (I’m wondering what was on TV that week?)…I’m thinking maybe I should just start random baby knitting and hope the genders and the garments all match up 😛

  4. Emgy says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you! Elena’s cake is gorgeous. I also love those little tote bags!

    You really should run a sewing blog with all the patterns, tips & tricks you use. Every time I see you sewing something new, I’m envious of your skill!

  5. Jenya says:

    I am three now – how adorable 🙂 Little Monkey can’t wait to turn four as a lot of her friends are four now. She says she is almost four haha Why are they in such a hurry to grow up? Dribble bibs are so cute 🙂

  6. The cake is a cool idea. I know it’s probably two horseshoe molds but if you used two chiffon pans, you’d have to cut out sections and then “dispose of them.” (Nom, nom, nom.) Clearly, the better option for the cook. Ha, ha!

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