Mid-week in pictures

We’re having another dreary week in Canberra. Everything’s a bit water-logged. Hugo’s a boy with a bear. I’ve finally got something for myself on my needles. The cuttings my mother and Elena planted a few weeks ago have struck. Our Meyer lemons are coming along and bulbs shooting. The chickens are getting friendlier as the weeks go by (but still no eggs). My mystery vine is growing some sort of vegetable and the basil is going to seed. Summer is long gone.

Hugo and his bear on the needles turning cuttings Meyer lemons daffodils Betty mystery vine vegetable basil

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2 Responses to Mid-week in pictures

  1. Emgy says:

    You take such beautiful pictures. It makes me envious that you live in Australia and I don’t!

  2. Sutika says:

    Wow, that picture of Hugo brought a huge smile to my face. Just joyful.

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