Some hexagons

Sorry I’ve been so absent around here. I’ve been doing a lot of life admin and I’m not exactly the type of blogger to write a ‘1o top tips for tidying your living room’ post. You don’t need to read that…and goodness knows I’m no authority on housework. The upside of the last few weeks is that our tax is finally lodged, and the place is looking a bit neater.

hexagonsIn crafty news, I’ve been working on some little hexagons. I have some scraps of this adorable Mrs March’s Collection (‘the 30’s’, printed by Lecien) which I couldn’t bear to throw out, and am slowly stitching them into little hexagons. I’m not sure what they’ll be paired with, or what they’ll end up as – but they’re therapeutic and my little pile is growing.

stackOur weekend was busy. There was a little cooking. My parents are visiting again, and both the children are unwell. We missed a catch up with friends which I was really looking forward to. This whole two children under three and back at work business is an absolute slog.

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3 Responses to Some hexagons

  1. Bron says:

    Sickness is rife in our house too – hope you all feel better soon. We’ve got no survivors at the moment. I think you’re doing an amazing job to even contemplate tidying the house and managing a blog.

  2. Sutika says:

    Thinking of you, Ruth, isn’t lodging your tax return such a bloody relief!?

  3. textileshed says:

    Hexagons are very therapeutic, I am pleased to hear you are taking to making those. I have got 3 hexagon quilts on the go (and I am still none the saner…), so it must take MANY to restore sanity. I must have missed the fact that you have gone back to work. That is really tough… I thought that the really difficult time juggling everything would never end (3 kids under 5) and now it has – they don’t get sick that often anymore and every now and again I do feel my brain belongs to myself for a few hours… You are totally doing amazingly well!!!

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