Mid-week in pictures

Another week is flying by. The weather is warm during the day but cool at night. The leaves are changing. It’s my mother’s birthday (Happy birthday, Mum!).

Our green onions are happy. The tomatoes are slowing down. Our raspberries are fruiting like mad, but whenever I take Elena out to pick them we always head back inside with an empty container. I wonder why? There’s a self-sown vine flowering in the backyard. It’s too late in the season, but I think it might be a zucchini. I’ll be interested to see how it grows and if it manages to fruit. I have to start thinking about winter vegetable crops and whether I can be bothered this year with work and all. I need to get onto my weed eradication again, just as soon as my toe stops hurting.

I have a gorgeous super-secret pattern testing project on the boards, and a winter coat pattern for Elena that’s crying out for some fabric. I wonder if I’ll be brave enough to venture out to the fabric store with both the little ones tomorrow? I’ve purchased some new clear bags for my Etsy sales, which are happening slowly.

The children are happy, but our snot levels are higher than I’d like. Oh well. That’s how it goes…and that’s about it for our week so far.

leaves are changinggreen onions eating raspberriesrandom vinesweet peas planted snack time is a serious business chickens dustbathing

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2 Responses to Mid-week in pictures

  1. Shelly R. says:

    Change of seasons always brings runny noses. The kids are getting so big. Wonderful pictures. So nice to see warmth – all my pics still have snow.

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