A family long weekend

We had a long weekend this weekend to celebrate Canberra Day. My parents are visiting so everything’s a bit crazy and we’ve been getting up to all sorts of things which are not remotely blog-worthy. Dad and I constructed some shelving and reorganised our garden shed, Mum has been getting through our seemingly never ending pile of washing. I’ve been finding room for my preserves in the pantry.

jarsThe children are happy.

Elena with magnifying glass HugoThe chickens are happy – and getting braver and braver. I think they’d come inside if they could.

brave adaI’ve got myself way too many bulbs for the garden, and Mum and Dad – who came for a visit via my aunt and uncle – turned up with loads of lovely cuttings from my aunt’s garden. There are some beautiful birds enjoying our trees.

birdAlex and I made it out for both ice-cream one evening and dinner another, which is such a treat. I made some glorious rhubarb jelly.

rhubarb jelly in mason jarThere’s a knitting project on my needles which I can’t bring myself to pick up. A simple beanie which has gone badly wrong. This is my sixth attempt at a hat from this ball of yarn – and I’m still not happy. At first I blamed myself and the pattern. So I changed patterns. It’s still a disaster, so now I’m pointing a finger at the yarn. Or maybe I’m still the problem! Gah.

So there you go – a scatty, activity-filled long weekend. I hope your Monday has treated you kindly.

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  1. adaisygarden says:

    Love looking at your pictures… it’s like a glimpse into country life. Your candid photography is wonderful! 🙂

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