oliver + s birthday party dress

This is a sweet dress I made a while ago for one of Elena’s friends. It has been received, so now I can write about it!

Dear little Ra-ra lives on the other side of the world but she’s very present in Elena’s daily life. At least a few times a week Elena crawls into bed with us in the morning and asks if we have any new pictures of Ra-ra. ‘Ra-ra photo? Ra-ra, Mummy, Ra-ra?’. Very sweet, but also somewhat heartbreaking since it’s mighty hard for our two families to catch up.

Ra-ra turned two recently, so I decided to sew her something. I have had this pattern – the oliver + s birthday party dress –  sitting on my bookshelf for months. As is usual for oliver + s, this one was very well written and came together pretty easily (much more easily than I thought it would, actually). It is rated three out of four scissors for difficulty, so probably not a project to start out on. frontbackAttaching the hem facing was a little tricky but a quick check of the oliver + s forums sorted me out. I just hadn’t been picturing the way the whole thing would fold together. Sometimes my spatial awareness is lacking!

hem facingI caused myself a bit of grief by making all the pattern markings with an air erasable marker and then getting distracted for a number of days (the marker disappears after 48 hours), but that was just optimism mixed with stupidity on my behalf!

I made the size 2T, with no alterations.

bodiceBecause the dress was headed to the northern hemisphere and winter, I made it out of corduroy. The pattern recommends light to medium-weight fabrics (which cord is not…), so I made the facings out of a cotton to reduce bulk. I decided to go with a bit of a geometric print for the facing because I thought Ra-ra’s mother would like it, and chose yellow buttons because I’m slightly obsessed with them at the moment. Plus, the present I sent off last year also had yellow buttons and I thought it was a nice note of continuity. I sewed up the back of the box pleats to keep them in place and make ironing easier.

ElenaI couldn’t help but try the dress on Elena one morning. It’s pretty cute, I think, despite the fact that she wouldn’t stand still for me. Wearing Ra-ra’s dress was just too exciting. I can see more of these in my future…and next time I won’t mark everything in erasable marker!

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6 Responses to oliver + s birthday party dress

  1. missphd says:

    This. Is just the cutest.

  2. fionamakes says:

    The dress is so lovely!

  3. Caroline says:

    Little T wanted to put it on straightaway, but I’m worried it’ll spoil in crèche, so it’ll have its first outing tomorrow for the arrival of her grandparents! It’s so super-cute, you’re such a star!!!!!!!

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