Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 3….and a very worn out and worried Mamma

I try to stay upbeat here on the blog, but I must say I’ve been finding this parenting gig really tough this week. It’s so dispiriting to feel like you can’t fix things for an unsettled baby and make everything all better.

Hugo is quite sick with a throat infection. No matter what we try, he just won’t swallow his medicine (I’d be grateful for any tips…we’ve tried everything we can think of). He manages to spit and blow raspberries and writhe around. It takes two of us to make a half decent attempt at it, we end up wearing most of the medicine, and all of us end up very upset by the end of it. This means, of course, that Hugo won’t get better as quickly and as conclusively as he could. He’s back to the bad old days of not sleeping, and he is off his food and drink too. He’s miserable. We’re miserable. To say I’m at my wit’s end would be an understatement. Thankfully, the pediatrician’s appointment we booked months and months ago has finally arrived – we’ll be seeing him on Monday. I have my fingers crossed he’ll have an answer, or at least some idea on where to start looking. In the meantime, we’re back to the GP this afternoon.

cherriestrimBecause of all of the above, I only managed a little sewing for KCW Day 3. Luckily, these skirts are super easy and quick to make. There aren’t even any pattern pieces – you just cut one big rectangle, seam it, hem/bind it, and make the waistband by folding and sewing.

elephantsric racI feel like I really should be calling this week on the blog ‘Kid’s Clothes Week: Brought to You by MADE’. These skirts are based on yet another MADE tutorial. I don’t have any lengths of solid coloured fabric on hand (I’m trying to sew from my stash) so I couldn’t replicate the brightness of the Fiesta skirts. That said, I do think these ones are pretty cute.

skirtsToday’s photos are styled and directed by Elena. What can I say? The girl’s a ham.

strike a pose skirtI have also drawn my tutu giveaway winners! The two winners are….drum roll please….. Bec and Emgy….I’ll have the tutus on their way to you very shortly. Yay! I love giving things away! Thanks for entering, everyone!

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10 Responses to Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 3….and a very worn out and worried Mamma

  1. Mum says:

    I have a distant memory of holding your nose whilst squirting the syringe! Have you tried this one?

  2. Jacinta says:

    This mothering gig is tough but this will pass. I had my fourth child only 7 weeks ago and have had some health issues which finally are starting to be explained but all these extra appointments while trying to get into a new routine & realise I can’t do everything just yet has been very overwhelming. I have had no time to sew but can’t wait til things settle and I can! The skirts are perfect for summer and a great stash-buster… . can’t think of any suggestions with the meds, sorry! 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Sorry you’re having a rough time too. I hope everything gets sorted out soon! I sew/knit as stress relief. If I didn’t, I think my head would explode 🙂 The skirts really are a great stash buster – they only need to be 10″ long to fit Elena, so use up lots of little bits.

  3. Emgy says:

    My best suggestion is hide the medicine in something he WILL swallow. When we had issues with our little ones taking meds I’d try to trick them. So I’d give Olivia a bottle and as she swallowing her milk, I’d have a syringe in the corner of her mouth slowly pushing in meds. It worked beautifully. Same with baby X. Give him a cookie and as he’s chewing swallowing…just add a bit of medicine…it’ll go down with the cookie/cracker/whatever bribery food you use.

    You could also try a different flavor. My two really like grape vs cherry. Other than that, I have no experience. Olivia loves meds and thinks its candy. Xavier doesn’t mind it either.

    • Ruth says:

      That’s the thing, he’s not wanting ANYTHING. I’ve tried hiding meds in his bottle, in water, but he won’t have it.

      I tried the slipping it in beside the dummy at lunch time – he just spat the dummy out too.

      Unfortunately it’s antibiotics, so no choice on flavours (and why I’m so worried he’s not taking it all in) 😦

      • Emgy says:

        Honestly, I know this might sound weird, but you may have to force it down. I had to do that once with Olivia and it was brutal. Chris held her down (arms and all) I put the syringe far enough back into her mouth and released the meds so she couldn’t spit it back out. Essentially, it was forced down her throat. =( I know it sounds terrible, but it was the only way.

  4. Sutika says:

    Poor Hugo 😦 Wishing him and you good health and good sleeps

  5. Bron says:

    Adorable skirts. And I love your fabric stash.

    Poor Hugo. Henrik used to spit his at us. The only 3 ways I could get it down was 1. shoot it right down the back of his throat (often choked) so he couldn’t spit it back up as it was past his tongue; 2. shoot it in and hold his mouth closed; 3. shoot it in and shove the dummy in his mouth (sometimes having to be held in). All took at least 2 adults to administer and were not very nice. We had to do similar things for Finn after his big operation this year. It is horrible and you feel mean doing it but I kept telling myself it was for the best. Good luck.

  6. Unfortunately no advice on the medecine front. I do however think you are one of the most dedicated and wonderful mothers I have met – so hang in there. x

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