Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 1

This week is Kid’s Clothes Week, and I’m sewing along. The idea of KCW is to spend one hour a day sewing children’s clothes. I’m just spending whatever time I have, in case one of the kids gets sick or we have a terrible night (already happened – we were up every 45 minutes last night again. Coffee, where art thou?).

I’ve decided to focus on Summer and child-care suitable clothes this week. First off the ranks is a pair of shorts for Elena. I used MADE’s KID Shorts pattern (it’s only $6 – a steal: check it out). The pattern covers sizes from 12 months – 10 years, with five different variations for both boys and girls. Six dollars well spent, I reckon. I’ve used quite a few of Dana’s patterns. She give great instructions and her construction is very straightforward. I’m not getting paid for this post, I swear. I just love the patterns!

KID shorts 1This pair of shorts for Elena are size 2T with flat fronts. The fit is pretty slim with the flat front variation (something I should have thought of), so I don’t know how much wear she’ll get out of them. I left the cute buttons off the front so that Hugo can wear them next year. Next time I sew for her I’ll sew the 3T so I get the maximum bang for my buck.

KID shorts 2Elena spends as much time outside as she can, so I wanted the shorts to be a little longer (and more sun safe) than specified in Dana’s pattern. I achieved this by binding the hems rather than folding twice and sewing. Keeping them long also means they’ll be more suitable for Hugo next time around.

Elena 2Other than that, I’ve not much else to say. Elena’s a big fan (‘Look Daddy, blue shorts!’)  and happily wore them off to child care. She even insisted on wearing her blue shoes.

Elena 1backWe need to work on not sticking fingers into random holes.

fingers in holesnew plantsThis is going to be a pretty low-key KCW for me. I really need to do some housework, don’t feel like busting my gut and I’m pretty broke for play money at the moment (unpaid leave, ugh!) so pretty much everything needs to come out of my stash….Thank goodness my stash is a little out of control, huh?

bugsSome shorts for Hugo are up next.

Hugos next

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4 Responses to Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 1

  1. Eileen says:

    Those shorts are so cute!! Oh yeah, the kids are pretty darn cute too…. 😉

  2. Bron says:

    I was just thinking how cute are your matching pair!! And lovely shorts. This binding machine looks like fun.

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