This blanket was a gift for a wee little girl. I started working on it the day I found out that her mamma was having a she, not a he….all the way back in May!

blanketWhile the blanket and I mainly camped out on the couch, it did come with me to Sydney. It was actually a perfect non-thinking, television-watching, car-riding project. Once you get your foundation row over and done with, you can just cruise along watching out for the increases and decreases.  The only thing I didn’t love about about this blanket was weaving in all the blinking ends!

ripplesI finally invested in some blocking wires and Hugo kindly let me use his play mat so I could block it square. I haven’t been able to lay my hands on any blocking pins, though, so I ended up with an amusing configuration of sewing pins.

cornerI followed the Neat Ripple Pattern over at Attic24, and finished by squaring off the ripples and adding a single crochet border – one row of the cream, one of purple. If you’re interested in crocheting a ripple blanket, I really recommend checking out Lucy’s pattern – it is very clear and has lots of handy photographs.

borderI used Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 12 ply in Magnolia, Lipstick Rose (the pink) and Sweet Pea (the purple), and a 6.0mm crochet hook. All up, the blanket weighs a little over 800 grams – I’d estimate that I used two 200g balls of Magnolia and one each of the pink and purple. I think it was about 110cm by 85cm – I tried to aim for small enough to throw on the floor for a play but large enough that it will be useful beyond babyhood.

This blanket has grown on me. Evidently, it has grown on Elena too. Every time she walked past me crocheting away she declared ‘that’s mine!’. Got to love two year olds.

I hope it keeps my friend’s little sweetheart warm for many years to come.

foldedRavelry link here.

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5 Responses to Ripples

  1. Caroline says:

    As always, I’m in awe! It looks soooooo super-cute. But how did you manage to sneak it past Elena in the end?

  2. Emgy says:

    its beautiful!ty for the tips too.

  3. Bron says:

    Wow – how gorgeous.

  4. Sutika says:

    Love the colours – totally girl favourites.

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