New books

I came across an unused gift voucher while we were moving. Score! I love delayed birthday presents.

I took Hugo off to the National Portrait Gallery and had a wander around a few of the current exhibitions – the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 and First Ladies: Significant Australian Women 1913-2013. It was lovely to be out and about, doing something fun.

Next stop was the gift shop – time to use that gift voucher. The shop had a great selection of books – including a shelf of interesting craft books.

After agonising over a number of front runners I came out with ‘Circular knitting workshop: Essential techniques to master knitting in the round’ by Margaret Radcliffe and ‘My little jams and preserves book: more than 80 irresistible recipes’.

books‘Circular knitting workshop’ promises to teach me how to convert flat patterns for circular knitting. I much prefer knitting in the round on circular needles. I’m lazy and don’t like seaming! Some reading on knitting techniques is unlikely to go astray, especially given I’m largely a self-taught knitter. I might even get brave enough to tackle socks.

socksThe preserves book? Well, I can never go past a jams book. I’m hoping our garden will be quite productive over the next few years, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make some preserves. We have a number of fruit trees – I’ve discovered peach, apple, plum, orange, lemon and cherry trees so far. I’m planning to establish a vegetable patch once we’ve got the inside of the house sorted out.

preservesIt looks like Elena will have no problems helping me pick out some recipes.

ElenaI hope everyone has had a peaceful weekend.

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3 Responses to New books

  1. Bec says:

    Love the sound of fruit trees in your garden!!

  2. anisestar says:

    The National Portrait Gallery bookshop is so good!

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