We’re all moved in

I’m happy to report that we’re all moved in. It went smoothly – nothing got lost or broken and the actual moving part was over inside of four hours. We’re still surrounded by boxes, but we’ve unpacked the basics. We’re loving being in a house, and Elena is excited about the garden and having so much extra space.

I don’t know whether it was the move, the fact that we had a minor car accident (we’re all fine), or if it’s just a phase, but Hugo’s sleeping habits have deteriorated seriously. He has always cat napped during the day, but now he’ll only sleep in 45 minute to one and a half hour blocks overnight and needs to be fed to sleep. We have a referral in the works for sleep school, and I can only hope that a) our name comes up quickly, and b) that it actually works.

To be honest, I’m finding the whole thing frustrating and exhausting. I’m trying to be zen, taking lots of deep breaths, and trying to get out for a walk each day.

We’ve had some lovely friends from far away here for a short visit. It has been great catching up, despite the fact that half of us have had gastro!

Anyway, here’s our progress on the house so far. We still have plenty more to unpack.

IMG_2722 wm frMy plants have found a new home.

IMG_2723 wm frMy sewing space needs some serious work.

IMG_2727 wm frThe most important things are set.

IMG_2729 wm frAnd I’m getting to watch the seasons change through my living room window.

IMG_2720 wm frIt’s not all bad, by any stretch of the imagination – it would just be a whole lot better with a touch more sleep!

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6 Responses to We’re all moved in

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    We just moved on Saturday and your photos look very similar to mine LOL! 🙂

  2. sorry to hear you’ve not been well & hope you get some more sleep soon! Enjoy your new home 🙂

  3. Emgy says:

    I’m not familiar with sleep school. What is it?
    Have you considered sleep training? We did that for our daughter and will have to do that for our son soon too.

    • Ruth says:

      Sleep school is just a name some friends and I use to describe a place you can go when you’re having a challenging time – you stay there and they help you convince your kids to learn to sleep – kind of like sleep training but you don’t do it by yourself 🙂

      • Emgy says:

        Sleep school sounds awesome! What are some techniques that they use? We used the cry it out method with Olivia and I think the worst nights she cried for a good 1.5 hrs straight. If I can sleep train Xavier using a gentler method I’m all ears!

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