I have finished Hugo’s wrap. Finally! In the end, the actual sewing didn’t end up being too traumatic. It’s fairly wonky in parts but at least I can count it as a successful learning experience. For a start, I’ll work with wider bias binding next time. I will also be more aggressive when stretching the ribbing as I pin it to the wrap fabric.

wrap 1As you can see, it’s not my finest work. I couldn’t work out a neat way to do the join so I just pushed on and fudged it. (Oh, my eyes, my eyes!)

wrap 2It does contain my little Houdini though. Hugo thought I was nuts, swaddling him when it wasn’t nap time.

hugo 1What are you thinking? I can squirm my way out of anything!

hugo 3Maybe not. Boo.

hugo 2Swaddling experiment over. Freedom!

hugo 5The wrap may not be the prettiest thing I’ve ever made but at least it works – and I learned a lot.

I any hints? I’d love to hear them…

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6 Responses to Wrapped

  1. What an adorable little guy! I love all the facial expressions. And nicely done on the blankie! πŸ™‚

  2. Valerie says:

    I can offer no help, but goodness! What a little cutie! And mine were never ‘into’ swaddling either. Little boogers πŸ™‚

  3. soisewedthis says:

    his faces are amazing! that “what do you think you’re doing” look and then “yay i’m free!” he he. so cute

  4. Emgy says:

    I guess I have a question first. Why do you swaddle him if he doesn’t like it? Are you carrying him around in the swaddle? (Just curious, not meant to be offensive).
    I use a mei tai. Works wonders when going for walks or if he just needs to be next to me. Just a thought?

    • Ruth says:

      We just swaddle Hugo for sleep time πŸ™‚ He’s still so little that he has a startle reflex and wakes himself up if he’s not. He’s really good at working a hand out of the swaddle though – and that wakes him up – hence my desire for another wrap. He does like being swaddled, I think I just confused him by wrapping him randomly on the living room floor for a photo! I have an Ergo (like a mei tai) too – I call it my ‘no fail sleep solution’ πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah says:

    Teya doesn’t like being swaddled but it really helps her sleep (and therefore helps me sleep too!) but she’s always been very good at wiggling out of even the most perfect swaddle and ending up with it wrapped around her neck…which ruins my sleep because i end up checking on her constantly. So i got a swaddle suit thing recently which zips up and allows her to keep her hands within sucking distance but not free enough to allow her to startle herself awake. It has been a complete lifesaver.

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