A girl can dream

One of my favourite Christmas presents last year was a subscription to Ottobre magazine. The children’s designs are so fun and whimsical. Being a European magazine, in Australia we’re out of season for each edition so I’ve not sewn any of the patterns yet but I do have a fair few on my winter sewing wish-list.

IMG_2213 wm frToday I got a bit of a surprise when I received an Ottobre package in the mail. It’s the women’s wear edition! I had totally forgotten that it was included in the subscription deal. And a bonus – it arrived just in time for me to settle down with a cup of tea while Hugo took a rare daytime nap.

IMG_2216 wm frI really like a lot of the designs in the magazine. There are a few little things I might try and sew for myself later in the year (maybe minus the animal print).

IMG_2211 wm frI don’t ever sew for myself but I really should bite the bullet and learn. So I’m putting some sort of clothing item for me from Ottobre on my to do list for this year. That list is getting longer by the day!

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1 Response to A girl can dream

  1. Sophia says:

    I love the dress with the side panels – you could definitely make it as a winter dress with a heavier jersey, worn with a plain shirt underneath… Being from NZ, I never understood the “winter/summer clothes” distinction, but now I live in Europe I definitely do! Bring on the springtime!

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