Pajama day

We’re having a pajama day today. True to form, our weather has turned miserable just in time for the first day of autumn. We’ve had a tough week too – Alex spent a week away with work and, as soon as he got home, I fell foul of the gastroenteritis making its way through Elena’s child care centre. Fun times. Not to be outdone, Elena’s broken out in unidentifiable spots and an ear infection. Extra fun times. So you can see why we’re staying in our pjs today.

At least I got Elena’s Bedtime Story pajama pants finished before I got sick. The pajamas fit perfectly, with a little growing room for the rest of winter. They even accommodate a cloth nappy comfortably.

IMG_2114 wm fr

IMG_2122 wm fr

IMG_2125 wm fr

IMG_2131 wm frUnfortunately, someone has to go to work (but not before a quick story).

IMG_2138 wm frWe’re big on telling me to be quiet because Hugo’s sleeping (even when he’s not…).

IMG_2145 wm frAnd singing about elephants.

IMG_2146 wm fr At this point I’ll add that this is Elena’s dirty clothes basket which she dragged out from her room. Complete coincidence that it co-ordinates with her pjs. Promise!

At least Hugo is fine. His biggest concern is keeping his tummy full and working out how to get his hand in contact with the play gym dangling over his bouncer!

IMG_2155 wm frI hope you’ve had a better week!

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6 Responses to Pajama day

  1. These pj’s are great!

  2. Emgy says:

    Those PJ’s are absolutely ADORABLE!!
    It sounds so weird to me that your heading into Autumn and I’m headed into Spring! LOL. Funny how that works. Hugo looks like he’s growing well too!
    Good luck with being ill. Being sick with kids is never fun.

  3. I hope everyone feels better soon. Pajamas look great.

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