I regard myself as rather spoilt by the universe with this parenting gig. Elena has been so easy to mother. She sleeps and laughs and is a general delight (well, usually!). I had been lulled into a false sense of security. Enter a newborn. I had completely forgotten what wrangling such a small baby is like.

Hugo’s at a stage where he’s reluctant to sleep during the day. It can make for a very sad boy. I end up spending an inordinate about of time coaxing him towards sleep, only for his eyes to spring open the moment his body hits the mattress. Agh! Every parent has been there, I’m sure. Sometimes I’m lucky and manage to transfer him into the bouncer without disturbing his slumber.

Sometimes he gets lucky and gets to sleep in my arms. This is how I find the time to blog and read about what others are getting up to.

IMG_1990 wm frI did strike it lucky last night, however, and I’m still in a state of shock. After a rather trying day, I eventually got Hugo to bed around 8.30PM. I stayed up, pottering about, waiting for him to wake up for his late feed. Except he didn’t stir. He didn’t stir until 4.45AM. If only I had gone to sleep a little earlier! Typical.

Hugo has also been spoilt today, but not by me – by a dear friend. We got some mail today. All the way from Indonesia!

IMG_1994 wm fr

I love how it’s all sewn up. I wonder if that’s an Indonesian thing, or if someone in the post office was just having a good day? It was very skillfully done.

IMG_1998 wm frCheck out these cute little animals. We have quite an (accidental) elephant theme going on for Elena, so these little fellows will fit right in.

IMG_2019 wm frIMG_2012 wm frThis friend is so talented. She quilts and stitches and scrapbooks and makes cards. Isn’t this one gorgeous?

IMG_2026 wm frThank you!

So all in all, today has been a rather good day. If only I could convince the apartment to clean itself (then it would be almost perfect).

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4 Responses to Spoilt

  1. Emgy says:

    Those stuffed animals are adorable!
    I agree with the baby stuff. Teaching them to self-soothe is brutal.

    • Ruth says:

      I’m not a big fan of letting little ones cry, so it just means lots of up and down for us. Tiring! I’m confident we’ll get there eventually though.

  2. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! (both Hugo and the elephant and giraffe)
    We kind of accidentally though not entirely have an elephant thing developing too for Teya…it started when i saw these stuffed elephants and giraffes made from printed Indian cotton fabric and has kind of ballooned from there.

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