Woollies for Tassie

It seems that Australia is ravaged equally by fires and floods each summer, and I feel helpless each year watching footage of those who have lost almost everything. During January, a number of Tasmanian communities were affected by severe bushfires. The fires were particularly savage and many lost their homes.

A little while ago an internet friend, Dutch blogger Happy in Red, drew my attention to the Craft Hive’s Woollies for Tassie effort. The Craft Hive is collecting 8″ (20cm) crocheted or knitted granny squares which volunteers will stitch into blankets and donate to families who have been affected by the bushfires. I think it’s a lovely idea to help ward off Tasmania’s freezing winters.

In between toddler taming, newborn cuddling and in threes knitting I’ve been trying to find some time to complete some granny squares to send along. I’ve dug into my stash and pulled out some yarn which needs a home – these squares are from one ball of Shepherd Colour 4 Me 8 ply which I’ve had hanging about for years.

IMG_1747I hope these find a home in a blanket to warm someone’s knees this coming winter.

My eventual collection of squares will be somewhat mismatched because I’m using up stash odds and ends but I’m hopeful they’ll match well with others’ contributions.

The Craft Hive is accepting squares until the 15th of March, so get crocheting if you want to lend a hand! There’s a facebook event here, and some good, clear instructions for a simple granny square can be found here.

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1 Response to Woollies for Tassie

  1. pipknits says:

    Fantastic idea and I think it would cheer someone up no end to have a warm and cuddly blanket made of lots of colourful squares. Our local knitting group knitted toys for Shelterbox, a charity that provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters. The guys who take the Shelterboxes out told them that the knitted toys made a huge difference to kids who had lost everything, sometimes including their parents. The toys were something that they could call their own and cuddle, give a name to and play with. Small thoughtful deeds can make a big difference. 🙂

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